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Recap: Racial Justice Institute at Creating Change 2017

January 19, 2017

The Racial Justice Institute at Creating Change in Philadelphia took place Wednesday, January 18th. This day long Institute of learning, storytelling and skill building allows queer, allies, people of color, and white folks to build awareness against racism and explore ways to apply this within the LGBTQ movement and beyond.

img_3905 While LGBTQ people continue facing barriers to full equality, our discussions around discrimination should include dialogue around racial justice, economic justice, gun control, transgender justice, Islamophobia, and more. Some of the breakout sessions included confronting internalized oppression and self care for people of color, engaging race for multiracial people, white privilege, and creating organizational change.

“It was heavy. It allowed me to open up. For the longest time, I have never accepted the feeling of being angry because I was always told by white people that I am angry. And being in a space with people of color allowed me to reflect and finally accept this anger. So as a Latino gay man, I finally felt a sense of relief,” said Luis Berrios of GALEI. img_3900

The National LGBTQ Task Force in partnership with other racial justice organizations, host the Racial Justice Institute annually during the Creating Change Conference to build an anti-racist LGBTQ movement. Each year, the Racial Justice Institute becomes more popular among conference attendees. New and old LGBTQ and ally leaders attend Creating Change experiencing the institute’s deep and important programming to ensure their commitment for racial justice. But what veterans and new comers all have in common is that they’re looking for tools, support and community. It’s no easy task to create an institute that intentionally and thoughtfully facilitates conversations about race and increases people’s capacity to address racism in their everyday lives.

We are thankful for once again hosting a successful and instrumental institute that aims to shape discussion and fight for racial injustice. To learn more about the Racial Justice Institute, visit

by the National LGBTQ Task Force staff

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