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2015 Transgender Leadership Exchange-Apply by October 15

October 14, 2014

For four years, National LGBTQ Task Force has hosted an annual Leadership Exchange for LGBTQ leaders from across our movement. We have retreated and contemplated our values, honed our analysis of power and privilege, developed skills for managing teams and generally gathered together in solidarity for one another’s experiences and needs in the vastness of this LGBTQ movement.

Apply Now to 2015 Transgender Leadership Exchange

What I love most about this space is the culture that we create – respectful and co-creative, inclusive and curious; I have such a tremendous amount of respect for the culture we create and I believe strongly in the hope it gives each of us that we might help manifest this type of culture back in our home communities and organizations.

In 2015, the National LGBTQ Task Force will launch a Leadership Exchange exclusively for people who identify as transgender and genderqueer. This group of leaders will participate in a learning community that will offer peer coaching, opportunities for self-reflection, story sharing, skill development and action.

The Trans Leadership Exchange centers on 5 values:

  1. Personal Power and Transformation –Through the exploration of values, we will explore more ways of being self-aware, centered and true to our own desires.
  2. Build Relationship – working in this movement can be challenging and even isolating at times. How can we support one another and develop a sense of community with other leaders who have shared meaning with us about our lives and our work?
  3. Power, Privilege, and Oppression: discussing how social identities (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, age) shared and best practices in communication skills for engaging across lines of significant difference.
  4. Organizing Skills – organizing people and money, and distinguishing between leading, managing and supervising.
  5. Movement Building – recognize different strategies and tactics for achieving political change in the LGBTQ movement and how to foster a more collaborative and generative LGBTQ movement.

Who Should Apply?

Trans and Genderqueer identified leaders working in the LGBTQ movement are welcome to apply. This includes campaigns and community organizers, policy advocates, faith leaders, higher education and community center professionals. Trans and Genderqueer leaders from other social justice movements (such as immigration rights, reproductive justice, and economic and racial justice) are also welcome to apply. This program is tailored for leaders with a wide range of professional or volunteer experience.

The Task Force is committed to creating multi-racial, gender diverse, accessible spaces in our leadership programs. The Trans Leadership Exchange is available at low or no cost to all accepted participants, based on a sliding scale. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

I welcome inquiries about the program. Please contact Evangeline Weiss, Leadership Programs Director at the Task Force:, 919-236-3049.

Applications are due by October 15, 2014–Apply here now!

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