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We don’t need to be fixed

October 21, 2011

Do we need to be fixed? No. Yet there are still those groups who despite mountains of research to the contrary believe that LGBT people can and should be fixed. Yes you know the ones: Focus on the Family and zealots like Ann Coulter, to name a few, just won’t give up the notion that “reparative therapy” can “fix” homosexuality.

There are many things in our country that do need to be fixed, but LGBT people are not one of them.

What does? Let’s see . . . Maybe Congress? Wall Street? The economy? You decide. Vote today for the things you think really do need to be fixed and we’ll include your message in a letter to “reparative therapy” proponents telling them they should take their repair kits elsewhere.

These groups think LGBT people can “pray away the gay.” They ignore the research that shows that their fix-it approach isn’t just ineffective, but can be truly harmful. And they’re even setting their sights on recruiting kids, claiming they can help, as the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality puts it, “those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality.”

This sends a harmful and dangerous message that LGBT people need treatment — that we can, and should, be fixed.

Years ago, the Task Force worked successfully to convince the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of conditions that need treatment. Yet proponents of “reparative therapy” refuse to accept the mounting research that rejects their claims.

You can view an interactive timeline about “reparative therapy” here:

Be sure to vote by Halloween — that’s when the Task Force will be tallying the totals and sending a strong message to these groups. Why Halloween? Because on Halloween, we can choose to be something we’re not for one night. In so-called “reparative therapy,” we’re forced to be something we’re not and it’s time for it to stop.

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  1. Kenny C. Rodgers permalink
    October 21, 2011 5:53 pm

    I’ve heard and read a lot of the scientific evidence over the years supporting the fact that homosexuality is NOT a choice. However, right now I would like some references to that effect.

    I have a very close friend (whose deceased husband was bi, though I’m not sure she is aware of that fact) who adamantly refuses to believe that homosexuality is anything BUT a choice. She has a reasonably open mind for a fundamentalist church member, and she has asked me for “proof”. Though I went through over 20 years of psychiatric therapy trying to “change” and know my own heart, I feel a need to put my hands on some “objective proof” as a reference for her. If anyone can provide that for me, I would certainly appreciate it. She is potentially an influence for many other people, especially because of her advanced degrees and her work with medical professionals.


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